mengambangkan imajinasi terbaik buah hati

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  • Lego Classic

    Lego Classic 10693

    Rp400,000.00 Rp285,000.00

    Get ideas, get creative and get building! .
    Get busy building whatever you imagine with this colorful set of LEGO® bricks in different shapes and sizes! From space rockets and robots to dinosaurs and sharks, this set gives budding builders of all ages the versatility to be really creative and makes a great addition to any existing LEGO collection.

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  • Lego Classic 10694

    Lego Classic 10694

    Rp375,000.00 Rp275,000.00

    Follow your imagination with this pile of brightly coloured classic LEGO® bricks. From butterflies and flowers to guitars and cakes, this set comes with bricks in 20 different bright colours to help you create whatever you imagine. With 4 pairs of eyes for creating all kinds of creatures, this set also comes with ideas to help you get started. Designed for builders of all ages, it’s a great addition to any existing LEGO collection.

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  • Lego Ninjago Titanium Dragon

    Lego Ninjago Titanium Dragon

    Rp900,000.00 Rp700,000.00

    Break out from captivity with Titanium Zane on the monstrous Titanium Dragon! Saddle up with the Ninja hero and ride the intimidating armored dragon into combat. Open the mouth to bare its sharp teeth and adjust the head, wings, legs and tail for a variety of fearsome battle poses. Escaping will be tough because Clouse and Chop’rai lie in wait at the Anacondrai outpost, which has many weapons. Fend off Chop’rai’s attacks with the Anacondrai Blade. Watch out for the dangerous chain bola fired from the catapult and escape to victory with Zane! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Titanium Zane, Clouse and Chop’rai.


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